Partnership Offer

Our partnership program allows you to earn passive income for every active investor you bring.

Contribute to the development of Max Profits and earn passive income by sharing your referral link.

You don't need to have an active investment to start making money in our affiliate program. Anyone who wants to earn regular passive income can join our partnership program.

Invite new investors to the platform by sharing your referral link, earn passive income and earn money without investing.
Once we get the deposit, the partnership commission is automatically accrued in your account balance. You can withdraw this amount at your discretion or use it to reinvest.

We have developed a three-level referral program so that you can generate a stable passive income. By following your referral link, you earn 5% on every new active investment that enters the platform.

Moreover, you will profit from those invited by your first investors. Participants in the second and third level give you 10% and 15% profit on each deposit.

First Level

It includes the investors who become a member by following your referral link. With your referral link, you earn 5% of every investment made on the platform as a profit.

Second Level

It consists of investors invited by your direct referrals. That is the second level of your referral structure. You get 10% of every investment made on the platform as a profit.

Third Level

It includes investors who invest by following the recommendation link by the third reference level. You get 15% of every investment made by these investors as a profit.

The more people you invite, the more passive income you will have.